‘There were so many outstanding acts in this show that it’s difficult to know which ones to mention. Eli Green’s Aussie bride character drew gasps from the audience with her hula hoop routine which included, amongst many others, a hoop spinning around her open-mouthed face. The portrayal of the hoops as ever-multiplying oversized wedding rings from which she seemed unable to escape added some good-humoured social commentary to the mix.’
Australian Stage, Written by Rachel Orzech


‘Eloise Green’s street show is the most original street show I've seen for 10 years. Slick laughs, slick tricks and slick costume‚Ķslick chic. The best!
Tony Rooke, Producer National Circus Festival,


‘I appreciate the time and effort that goes into each individual performance and it is difficult to comment on a performer separately but I will comment on some highlights for me. Eloise Green a guest performer was highly engaging and extremely funny’.
Theatre People, Bryce Baumgarten


‘The show commences with a bang, as the hilarious Tiffany (Eli Green) moves about the stage in a flurry, keeping both the circus characters and audience in line’.
Review: Sydney Festival, Kate the Festival Blogger


‘There’s comedy galore for the whole family, beginning with prim event co-ordinator, Tiffany, delightfully played by Eli Green. Between M.Cing the daredevil stunts, and impressive acrobatics, tiffany is getting married, causing mayhem galore.’
Glam Adelaide, Rod Lewis


‘Eli Green is a unique performer who has the ability to completely engage with & engage her audience in her performances whether she is on the street or in a venue and this is a rare talent indeed. I have watched Eli’s work evolve over the last five years and to my delight she is always original, comic, quirky and feisty when she performs her take on the world! Eli Green is an outstanding Australian performer.’
Gail Kelly, Director of Austalian Circus Arts and Physical Theatre Association


‘Oz can even make comedy and romance natural bedfellows. This is demonstrated, also, in Tiffany's (played by Eloise Green) 'big day' celebrations, with a huge ring, in fact a hula-hoop, which she applies, in customary manner, to her swivelling hips, and which is added to, in great and preposterous number.’
Lloyd Bradford Syke, Australianstage.com


‘Eloise is one half of the very successful ‘OzStar Airlines’ duo that toured extensively through Australasia, North America and Europe for over 5 years. Since that time I have watched Eloise mature into a diverse soloist, with a envious repertoire of circus skills which makes her one of the most sort after circus performers in today’s very competitive Australian performance market. And it is because of Eloise’s professionalism and strong performance capabilities that I employed her at ‘The Adelaide Fringe Street Theatre Festival’ in March 2012 with her solo show ‘All you need is love’. Without doubt she was not only one of the strongest female performers but in a male dominated performance world she was clearly one of the strongest shows out of a line up of international and national performers. Her show has excellent pacing, her character of Daphne is strong, quirky and very likable this is all held together will well choreographed circus routines. Naturally audiences flocked to see her shows.’
Louise Clarke, Adelaide Street Theatre Festival Producer


‘Eloise has a proven track record as a performer, in her early work as a young performer, through to her extensive work as a street performer working the competitive cabaret, street festivals and busking circuit here in Europe, to her recent starring roles in Circus Oz on two major tours over the last few years. Her performances are funny, skilled and inclusive, and she has a rare combination of raucous comedy and disciplined circus skill.

Eli is a naturally funny performer who has managed to develop her craft as a skilled circus performer with he art of character/clowning, mainstage circus and busking street performance. Her work with Circus Oz, devised in collaboration with the company, was produced under considerable time pressure, but opened very successfully and quickly became highlights of the show. She easily masters an MC character, as well as taking an ensemble role in group acrobatics and comic acts. Eli has an infectious and generous energy and enthusiasm, particularly in front of a crowd. She also has an extraordinary ability to play off the energy of a crowd, incorporate improvisation and heckles as well as interact with individuals from the audience.”
Mike Finch, Artistic Director, Circus Oz